5 Rice Variants of Excellent Quality, Single Source Rice | Spekko

Spekko Rice markets 5 rice variants of excellent quality, all of these have been selected from the largest and most reputable rice growers in the world.

Spekko Rice markets 5 rice variants of excellent quality, all of these have been selected from the largest and most reputable rice growers in the world. People we would be proud to introduce to your mother.

If you are a “smart mom”, a home entertainer, a caterer, or simply someone who loves cooking – Spekko Rice will make you the star of every meal occasion. To say the least – even if you don’t like cooking, but must prepare a meal – Spekko is there to the rescue.

Quality is non-negotiable and Spekko goes all over the world to bring you the best rice we can find. The rice in every individual pack of Spekko Rice is from a single source and it is not mixed with inferior rice or other variants or varieties.

Only premium quality, imported rice of origin, is good enough for us and our suppliers are therefore thoroughly screened to ensure a supply of consistent quality.

Spekko Rice is economical, extremely versatile and very easy to prepare. All of our rice is approved by the Heart and Stroke Foundation as part of a healthy diet. Three of the variants carry the official Low GI rating.

Spekko is also naturally suitable for strict vegetarians.

Spekko enjoys the support from respected celebrities, chefs and foodies. We hope you will join their ranks. As one of the key ingredients in a virtually unlimited range of recipes – from quick and easy meals to sumptuous banquets – Spekko Rice makes the meal.

Spekko Long Grain Parboiled Rice
Spekko Saman Brown Rice
Spekko Royal Umbrella Jasmine Rice
Spekko Saman White Rice
Spekko India Gate Basmati Rice


All variants carry the endorsement of The South African Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Low GI (Gifsa) and Diabetes SA approved:

Spekko Long Grain Parboiled Rice; Spekko Saman Brown Rice and Spekko India Gate Basmati Rice - when cooked according to the instructions on the pack - have a Low GI value of less than 55, which means normal portions provide a slow release of energy, improve blood glucose control and may keep you feeling satisfied for longer. "Put that to the crazies out there". We can confidentially say that once you have a balanced Low GI breakfast - you can go the distance to lunch without submitting to the chocolate bar or slap chips with vinegar.

Spekko Long Grain Parboiled Rice

Spekko Long Grain Parboiled Rice is known as the "1 cup 4 cups rice". This means for every cup of uncooked rice, you will get 4 cups of cooked rice. In inverted commas "budget stuff" to impress spouses and partners.

We believe that our long grain parboiled rice from Thailand is the best Thai long grain rice on the market. The special parboiling process ensures that when cooked, the rice kernels are always light, fluffy, white and do not stick together. Wow!

This is your "everyday rice" and a "must have" pantry item.

This Spekko Rice variant is certified Low GI (Gifsa) and Diabetes SA approved.

Spekko Saman Brown Rice

Brown rice is unpolished grains of which only the outer husks are removed, retaining the inner bran layer making the rice more nutritious as this makes it rich in vitamin B. Spekko Saman Brown Rice is a delicious and chewy ingredient for salads and stir-fries.

This brown rice is classified as Low GI and takes slightly longer to cook than other varieties. Great to impress, great for constitution and great for sparkling mornings.

Spekko Royal Umbrella Jasmine Rice

Royal Umbrella Premium Quality Jasmine Rice has been voted "Best rice in the world" over a number of years. Our range includes this rice as Spekko Royal Umbrella Jasmine Rice.

Sourced from Thailand - known as the best jasmine rice producer in the world - our jasmine rice will satisfy the taste of even the most discerning rice connoisseur. Let this slip out at the table "I have been to the Royal Thai Kingdom (aka the Spekko website) to sample the recipes".

Jasmine rice is a fragrant rice. This “sticky” rice goes well with any Thai or Oriental dishes and is great to use as an ingredient in desserts and bakes.

Spekko Saman White Rice

Many people ask for white rice and actually mean the “everyday” or parboiled rice. Parboiled rice kernels cooks separate and fluffy. White rice, however, has a sticky texture. Except for in South Africa where parboiled long grain rice is preferred – the rest of the African content general prefers sticky white rice.

Spekko Saman White Rice has a snow white colour and a soft, sticky texture when cooked. Non-parboiled, this rice is grown in Uruguay. White rice is traditionally steamed for best results.

It is a perfect partner to hearty stews and is often used in desserts and salads. Check the Spekko website for recipes.

Spekko India Gate Basmati Rice

India Gate is India’s biggest selling Basmati rice brand and we pack this variety as Spekko India Gate Basmati Rice.

Basmati is known as the "king of rice". Like a fine wine, Spekko India Gate Basmati Rice is aged for at least 1 year before being packed - ensuring an excellent product and a magnificent taste. We proud to say have vintages.

Grown in and sourced from the Himalayas, Spekko India Gate Basmati Rice has a distinctly longer grain than other rice. The kernels in Spekko’s Basmati double in length when cooked and do not stick together. Reveal that on your plate and see the “she is one up on us” envious looks.

A delicate, flavourful and fragrant rice, this authentic long grained Basmati is perfectly served with Middle Eastern or Indian dishes such as curries, biryanis and one-pot rice dishes.