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Ginger & Lime – Cooking School of the Month

Ginger & Lime – Cooking School of the Month

August 18, 2016

Denise Levy, founder of the Ginger & Lime cooking school, says she loves food, loves eating it, loves to cook it and love sharing it…

Ever since she can remember Denise has been passionate about food – all kinds of food, raw or cooked, the colours, the smells, flavours and tastes.

“In the world of food”, she says “we are all one happy family. What can beat cooking, chopping up vegetables, hearing the sizzle of olive oil in the pan and (naturally) quaffing a glass of red wine?”

Denise Levy, a self-taught passionate cook, loves wandering around farmer’s markets, food halls and delicatessens for inspiration and to shop. Ginger and Lime provides an exclusive interactive cooking experience, set in a beautiful venue in Fresnaye in Cape Town, aimed at foodies and anyone who loves to eat and socialise around food.

Their classes are informative and great fun and hands. They encourage an informal free-style approach where our guests participate at various workstations throughout the kitchen; much like being at a friend’s house where everyone helps to prepare and share a meal together. Some will chop the tomatoes, whilst one stirs the pot and another pours the wine.

The school hosts different themed cooking classes, such as African fusion, Mediterranean and Italian. Top chefs are often invited to host classes.

Ginger & Lime can accommodate about 20 guests for an interactive cooking and eating evening.

Classes for August:

Wednesday 3 August:  Italian/Mediterranean

Thursday 11 August: Asian Fusion Class

Saturday 13 August: Indian Tapas

Tuesday 16 August: Malay/Curries

Thursday 18 August: Winter Warmers

Or look at for upcoming class dates. To book yourself a class, email or call Kimberly on 0720411038 or Prices differ from themed evenings to international chefs’ workshops.

Ginger & Lime can also be contacted via their Facebook page:

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