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  • Chef J’Something

    FEATURED CHEF - February

    Chef J'Something

    From Instagram foodie to published author, singer, J’Something says that loving what he does has made his hectic schedule of running a restaurant, hosting a primetime TV show and publishing a coo... Read more >

  • Chef Alix Verrips

    FEATURED CHEF - January 2018

    Chef Alix Verrips

    Alix Verrips, chef and author of the book Brunch Across 11 Countries has an extraordinary job and lifestyle. Working as a private chef - sometimes on yachts - she leads a "tasteful" and colourful l... Read more >

  • Chef Anna Carolina Alberts

    FEATURED CHEF - November 2017

    Chef Anna Carolina Alberts

    Adventurer, chef, food stytlist and food writer Anna Carolina Alberts is passionate about real food, beautiful produce and people.This farm girl turned city slicker was almost ... Read more >

  • Chef Tony Jackman

    FEATURED CHEF - October 2017

    Chef Tony Jackman

    Tony Jackman is a journalist, columnist, playwright and occasional restaurateur, who writes with knowledge, wit, irreverence and an abiding love for family, friends, humanity, liberal v... Read more >

  • Chef Jean Nel

    FEATURED CHEF - September 2017

    Chef Jean Nel

    A braai is a “go-to” event for any South African, regardless of race, colour, religion or social status. From the backyards of Bloemfontein to the patios in Camps Bay; the be... Read more >

  • Chef Cass Abrahams


    Chef Cass Abrahams

    Of all the chefs in South Africa, Cass Abrahams is possibly one of the most legendary. Self-taught, she is the ultimate master of Cape Malay cooking. Often described as the “queen of spices... Read more >

  • Chef Jenny Morris

    FEATURED CHEF - May 2017

    Chef Jenny Morris

    Better known as the Giggling Gourmet, Jenny Morris is an author, magazine writer, radio and TV presenter, celebrity chef, teacher, caterer and culinary tour guide who has had an ongoing love af... Read more >

  • Chef Ntwenhle Gcabashe

    FEATURED CHEF - April 2017

    Chef Ntwenhle Gcabashe

    We chatted to talented food editor of Bona magazine, Ntwenhle Gcabashe, and promptly invited her to present the first Spekko rice sponsored Kasi Kitchen series on Soweto TV. Ntwenhle – is not onl... Read more >

  • Chef Karen Hart

    FEATURED CHEF - March 2017

    Chef Karen Hart

    Our chef of the month, Karen Hart, has a tasty chicken recipe for every day of the year. Author of “Toor met Hoender”, food editor at Kuier magazine, and successful blogger of Read more >

  • Chef Errieda Du Toit

    FEATURED CHEF - February 2017

    Chef Errieda Du Toit

    ERRIEDA DU TOIT just released her 7th cookbook TUISTAFEL. A self-proclaimed tradition-foodie she has a knack to invigorate delicious recipes from the past with new ideas. She’s the... Read more >

  • Chef Mynhardt Joubert

    FEATURED CHEF - November 2016

    Chef Mynhardt Joubert

    Mynhardt Joubert was, with his cooking partner Chef Tiaan Langenegger, the winner of kykNET's first Kokkedoor reality cooking series back in 2013. Mynhardt can be seen in his quaint kitchen in... Read more >

  • Chef Herman Lensing

    FEATURED CHEF - October

    Chef Herman Lensing

    October’s featured chef, Herman Lensing, can be seen in action on "Sarie Inspirasiekos" on VIA; South Africa's new Afrikaans Channel on DSTV channel 147. Herman can boast being one of the you... Read more >

  • Chef Jade de Waal

    FEATURED CHEF - September 2016

    Chef Jade de Waal

    Jade de Waal is taking the country by storm, bringing people together through “Food Jams”; where she can be seen daily creating culinary magic. Food Jams is an initiative by Jade, which is ... Read more >

  • Chef Hope Malau

    FEATURED CHEF - August 2016

    Chef Hope Malau

    DRUM Food Editor and Chef Hope Malau grew up in Klerksdorp and admits his first experience with good food came about when he, as a young boy, accompanied his father to work at the mine kitchen. Since t... Read more >

  • Master Chef Kuan Lai

    FEATURED CHEF - July 2016

    Master Chef Kuan Lai

    Growing up as a child, Master Chef Kuan heard the words, “Eat Rice”, used at all meals as these were the words used to call the family together for a meal in his country. Now deemed as one of t... Read more >

  • Saravanaa Bhavan


    Saravanaa Bhavan

    A unique, exotic and totally magical food experience. One of the largest vegetarian restaurant chains in the world, Saravanaa Bhavan, recently opened its first restaurant in South Africa.Serving south-... Read more >

  • Cariema Isaacs

    FEATURED CHEF - June 2016

    Cariema Isaacs

    1. My first food memor... Read more >

  • Mynhardt Joubert

    FEATURED CHEF - May 2016

    Mynhardt Joubert

    Mynhardt Joubert was, with his cooking partner Chef Tiaan Langenegger, the winner of kykNET's first Kokkedoor reality cooking series. This month he features as the Spekko Chef of the Month.Mynhardt, a ... Read more >

  • Johnny Hamman

    FEATURED CHEF - April 2016

    Johnny Hamman

    Chef Johnny Hamman won Kokkedoor 2, kykNET’s 2nd Afrikaans reality cooking series, with Free State home cook, Elsa Buys.In this process he became the darling of thousands of people, gained the respec... Read more >

  • Carmen Niehaus

    FEATURED CHEF - March 2016

    Carmen Niehaus

    Carmen is one of South Africa's most loved food editors. And no one knows food like Carmen, especially when it comes to a classic home-cooked meal. For the first time she has gathered her favourite recipes... Read more >

  • Lufuno Sinthumule

    FEATURED CHEF - February 2016

    Lufuno Sinthumule

    Lufuno Sinthumule, better known as Chef Funi is renowned for his South African inspired cuisine, and his recently, the much talked-about cookbook – Funi Cooks South Africa.This Limpopo boy is no ordi... Read more >

  • De Vette Mossel Group

    FEATURED CHEF - December 2015

    De Vette Mossel Group

    This chap from Hopefield is one in a million – a man who lives his dream on a daily basis.Totally content and happy with a plate of perlemoen or fresh lobster in front of him, Niel launched his own b... Read more >

  • Herman Lensing

    FEATURED CHEF - October 2015

    Herman Lensing

    Lauded as the youngest ever food editor for Sarie magazine, Herman Lensing has launched his 2nd cookbook. Aptly named “Nog ‘n Voorskoot” (another apron), it’s been published in English with the tit... Read more >

  • Clement Pedro

    FEATURED CHEF - September 2015

    Clement Pedro

    Clement Pedro, Woolworths Taste magazine food assistant and a winner of a Spekko Rice Celebrity Chefs Cook-Off earlier in 2015.“Food is my life” says talented chef Clement Pedro. This is no wonder,... Read more >

  • Barbara Joubert

    FEATURED CHEF - August 2015

    Barbara Joubert

    “Kostalgie”, roughly translated as the “sweet memory of food”, is Sarie magazine food editor, Barbara Joubert’s, third cookbook. Part travel memoir, part beautifully photographed recipe book, it... Read more >

  • Tumelo Sebopa

    FEATURED CHEF - July 2015

    Tumelo Sebopa

    Tumelo Sebopa – True Love Food editorShe is the person in the food business who gives the nicest hugs. But don’t be taken – she is a top food editor, a baker to reckon with and a ... Read more >

  • Christine Capendale

    FEATURED CHEF - June 2015

    Christine Capendale

    Christine Capendale – some domestic goddess for sureShe’s one smart cookie. With her cookbook Baking for Profit and Pleasure, and the Afrikaans version Bak vir Pret en Profyt freshly... Read more >

  • Citrum Khumalo

    FEATURED CHEF - March 2014

    Citrum Khumalo

    Every month Spekko Rice chooses an inspiring chef to feature on our social platforms. This month we visit Chef Citrum Khumalo, president of African Chefs United. He ... Read more >

  • Nina Timm

    FEATURED CHEF - January 2015

    Nina Timm

    Award winning food blogger, chef cookbook author and radio presenter. Nothing on this earth that is greater, better and more pleasing than food that is made wit... Read more >

  • Zola Nene

    FEATURED CHEF - May 2015

    Zola Nene

    She's vivacious, can cook like a champion, and she is the Spekko Chef of the Month. Chef Zola Nene is most well-known as the SABC 3 Expresso Show Chef and stylist. But ... Read more >

  • Kitima at the Kronendal


    Kitima at the Kronendal

    If your mouth waters at the thought of five star authentic Asian food, then Kitima at Kronendal should be on your bucket list. Housed in a so-they-say haunted national monument building in Hout Bay, Kit... Read more >

  • Niel Stemmet

    FEATURED CHEF - August 2014

    Niel Stemmet

    Niel Stemmet is known amongst foodies and restaurateurs as a maverick designer of décor, menus and restaurant concepts. In the last years however, he became most well-known for his nostalgic food columns ... Read more >

  • Hein Scholtz

    FEATURED CHEF - September 2014

    Hein Scholtz

    Hein Scholtz – student entrepreneur and nutrition expertHe is seen as a maverick in the cookbook business and the guy whose cookbook is stuck in between academic tomes in many students’ bookracks. ... Read more >

  • Chef – Marinda Engelbrecht

    FEATURED CHEF - October 2014

    Chef - Marinda Engelbrecht

    Well-known as the producer of Afrikaans children’s theatre, Marinda Engelbrecht, shot to fame when she became a finalist in the first Kokkedoor reality TV series screened in 2013.Now, ... Read more >

  • Chef – Tannie Poppie

    FEATURED CHEF - November 2014

    Chef - Tannie Poppie

    Her favourite food is lamb, and her dream is to teach people how to “make more of a meal”.This is the Tannie Poppie who became a household name during the screening of Kokkedoor I, w... Read more >

  • Isabella Niehaus

    FEATURED CHEF - January 2014

    Isabella Niehaus

    Stylish, successful, an entrepreneur, blogger and talented cook – these are the words generally used to describe Isabella Niehaus, our cook of the month.Isabella lives on the Dune in L... Read more >

  • Caro Alberts

    FEATURED CHEF - July 2014

    Caro Alberts

    Spekko fans knew her as the presenter and MC on Spekko’s now famous innovation – the Spekko Searle’s Trading “Tafelpraatjies” concept stand at the GF & WS in Cape Town in 2013.On 21 June,... Read more >

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